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Sweet Smile dental clinic is the right choice for all those looking for the best dentist in Wakad. With 20 years of practice, and specializations, it remains the ultimate choice for getting any dental treatment done.

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Sweet Smile Dental Clinic in Wakad has long served as the go-to destination for people seeking high-quality, personalized dental care. We are one of those rare dental clinics in Pune that offer you the dental care you deserve with the help of ultra-modern technologies and state-of-the-art infrastructure. We also happen to be home to a seasoned team of dentists in the entire city with an industry experience of 20 years to boast. They leverage their experience and their insight into advanced dentistry to offer a wide range of dental treatments to everyone who walks through the threshold of our clinic seeking help. 

Whether it is a misshapen tooth or an agonizing toothache… or perhaps you wish to fix your smile with some advanced cosmetic dentistry, whatever your requirements, you can count on our team of dentists to address these dental issues that plague you with impeccable finesse. With the best dentist in Wakad on board, the sole purpose of Sweet Smile Dental Clinic has been to offer excellent dental services without any compromise. We privilege your oral health and comfort above everything else. This emphasis on quality dental treatment at affordable charges is what makes us the finest dental clinic in Wakad.

Services Offered By Our Dentist In Wakad

Sweet Smile Dental Clinic is home to the best dentist in Pune who specialize in the following services

Services Offered By Our Dentist In Wakad

Sweet Smile Dental Clinic in Pune quickly distinguishes itself from other such clinics in the city because of its unique, specialized offerings. It is a dental clinic that excels with regard to both the advanced technology that dentists here employ and the sophisticated infrastructure in which they work. Rest assured, our dentists use technology that allows them to spearhead both simple and complex dental care procedures in the safest possible manner.

Our dentists specialize in offering personalized dental care in accordance with the specific requirements of each client visiting our clinic. With our dentists in charge of your oral health, you can hope for dental care services that are nothing less than painless, hassle-free, and affordable. Sweet Smile Dental Clinic has become the premier destination of many who seek a cheap and best dentist in Pune that doesn’t compromise quality. We are the leading choice in Pune for both routine and cosmetic dentistry.

Reasons For Choosing The Sweet Smile Dental Clinic In Wakad?

Below are just a few reasons that make Sweet Smile Dental Clinic the number one choice of many in Pune

Routine and Cosmetic Dentistry

From root canal to teeth bleaching, get both routine and cosmetic dental work done at the most affordable charges in Pune.

Professional and Friendly Staff

Sweet Smile Dental Clinic in Wakad is home to a gregarious team of cosmetic dentists, dental hygienists, and private orthodontists.

Comprehensive Consultation

Get a detailed explanation of your particular dental needs in a polite and comprehensive manner from our team of seasoned dentists.

Proactive Assistance

Trust our dentists to help you choose a dental treatment service or plan that is best suited to addressing your requirements and concerns.

Prompt Emergency Service

Is your toothache unbearable? You can count on Sweet Smile Dental Clinic to provide urgent dental care to get you the immediate relief you seek.

Convenient Consultation Time

Call our offices and schedule an appointment with one of our dentists at a date and time that you are most comfortable with. We’ll serve you at your convenience.

20+ Years of Experience

We are home to a seasoned team of dentists that boast an experience of over 20 years. Rest assured, you have certified experts offering quality dental care.

Client Reviews

“I am happy with the treatment, wisdom teeth extraction done here ,no pain ,no swelling Dr. Sandeep Bhirud is very friendly ,the front desk follow up is very prompt and helpful.I would definitely recommend.for Dr. Bhirud.”

Ajmal Ahmad

“A great experience as always to take treatment from Mrs. Jyoti bhirud and her friendly nature makes you feel comfortable while taking treatment m very scared of tooth ache problem but ma’am explains me the problem and makes me understand my problem very nice I would strongly recommend the clinic to all my friends and family. Keep it up”

Sunil H Ghargade

“Excellent treatment. Amazing staff. From entry to exit we were informed and attended. I recommend Sweet Smile clinic very highly.”

Mr.Ameya Rajesh Warade

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the average consultation fee for a dentist in wakad?

There are multiple dental clinics in Wakad. But the consultation fees in Wakad, Pune varies as per the dentists in the Wakad area. Some of the best dental clinics in Wakad, Pune, charge somewhere between 300 to 2000 Rs. for consultation.

2. Do Dentists in Wakad Treat kids?

Yes, all the best dental clinics in Wakad, Pune, treat kids. They have experienced pediatric dentists who provide treatment to kids. Sweet Smile, one of the best dental clinics in Wakad, Pune, offers treatment to kids and also takes utmost care of your little ones.

3. Our Dentist in Wakad is Available on Weekends?

Yes, all the best dentists in the Wakad area are available on weekends for treatment. You can book an appointment with the best dental clinic in Wakad, Pune, to get the proper treatment at the right time. Sweet Smile dental clinic understands the gravity of the situation when one requires emergency dental help. Hence, as the best dental clinic in Wakad, they are available for you 24*7.